By slowly rotating at low rpm, our fans create an air flow whose dimensions, depending also on the

layout it encounters, can reach about 4 times their diameter, in all directions.

This ventilation system is used in large spaces such as production plants, logistics centers, sports

halls, department stores, where air conditioning systems are very expensive both as an initial

investment and in subsequent operating costs

The best option in these cases is Evel's HVLS ventilation system, with which the perceived

temperature is reduced from 2 °to 6 °C in the summer season, while in winter the mixing with

the warmer air in the ceiling increases by 4°to 6°C the temperature on the ground with a

consequent energy saving of about 30%. This improvement can be observed as indicated in the

chart "Thermal Comfort Diagram" (https://comfort.cbe.berkeley.edu/EN) created by the executive

for health and safety of the Berkeleyʼs University. The HVLS fan, working in destratification mode,

is ideal for large structures not equipped with the HVAC system, which reach high temperatures in

summer, cold temperature in winter with a high percentage of relative humidity (specially in


Additional benefits are listed below:

  • They reduce the proliferation of viruses, bacteria and molds
  • They prevent the creation of condensation on the ground avoiding the deterioration of materials and/or machinery
  • Reduce downtime (in the case of CCN machines and/or hydraulic/mechanical/electronic circuits)
  • Increase operator productivity through greater comfort in the workplace
  • They have an extremely low consumption (motor-inverter on board)
  • They can also be installed on existing heating/cooling systems
  • They can be installed progressively, avoiding important investments on an economic level

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