Air Sensors

Established in 1983, Greystone has over 30 years of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying HVAC sensors and transmitters for Building Automation Management Systems. Headquartered in Moncton, NB, our global family consists of over 120 employees, across 9 locations globally, including regional sales offices in Dubai, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Since its inception, Greystone’s leadership has had a global focus on growth, expanding into the United States in 1987, into South East Asia shortly later in 1989, and finally expanding into the Middle East in 1998. Most recently our market expansion has focused on South and Central America, as we continue to expand within our current markets and strive to be the premier supplier of sensors and transmitters for the HVAC Industry.

Why Greystone

Greystone Energy Systems Inc. is internationally recognized as one of the largest ISO registered manufacturers of HVAC sensors and transducers for Building Automation Management Systems. We have conscientiously established a worldwide reputation as an industry leader by maintaining leading-edge design technology, prompt technical support, and a commitment to on-time deliveries.

Greystone Products