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Air Handling Unit

Huber and Ranner are leading designers and manufacturers of air handling systems. For more than 40 years, we have produced a range of air handling units specifically developed to meet customers’ needs for uptime, energy efficiency and operational performance.

Those who know us know the high standards we have set ourselves in terms of innovation, quality and customer-proximity. Our customers benefit from the combination of our innovative potential, skills and knowledge and the exceptional commitment of each employee. More than 200 employees in Germany develop and produce ventilation and air conditioning systems with passionate enthusiasm! We are striving to create perfect application solutions for an extremely wide variety of industries.

Expect more – our brand promise aptly describes how we work together with our employees and our network of customers and suppliers. Our goal is to maximize individual potential, increase commercial effectiveness, reinforce the firm’s culture, expand our people’s professional opportunities, and help them contribute positively to their greater communities.

We put the focus on close relationships with our customers. Therefore, the structure of our sales organisation is aligned towards maximum customer proximity and service. All of these relationships are strengthened by working in close cooperation and regularly exchanging information and experience. We make use of state-of-the-art information and communication technologies to solve individual tasks in the shortest possible time. Most important, however, is that we maintain personal contact in order to establish and strengthen long-term relationships.

Huber and Ranner – names you can trust

Our experienced engineers know what demands our devices have to fulfil and devote the greatest precision to the development and installation of our AHUs. Working closely with system designers and installers, our engineers provide in-depth help and support at every stage of a project from initial design through to final commissioning and operation. A meticulous final inspection and continuous after sales service guarantee best quality of air handling units by Huber and Ranner – expect more.

Every air handling unit manufactured by Huber and Ranner is a valuable investment in the future of your business.

Our focus is on the specific demands of our customers. Our know-how and many years of experience enable us to achieve best results in all areas of air handling units. Each hygiene appliance of Huber & Ranner is therefore designed and manufactured individually to provide the ideal solution for your project.

On average, people spend 70-80% of their lives indoors. High air comfort contributes hugely to our well-being and productivity. The selection of high quality products in the area of indoor air treatment is therefore of paramount importance. Our selection of AHU components and housings enables us to respond optimally to our customers’ demands, as our modular AHU concept offers unparalleled versatility in the implementation.

To constantly produce the optimal climate for each need puts high demands on modern ventilation and air handling units. We provide custom-tailored equipment for flexible solutions. Invest in certified AHU products by Huber & Ranner. Do not be content with anything less than the ideal – for your comfort and satisfaction.

We guarantee perfect climate, even under extreme conditions. Rooftop units are particularly exposed to the weather conditions. Extreme fluctuations in temperature and moisture stress the material to a considerable extent. Huber & Ranner offer the AHU you need.

High standards of quality and reliability apply especially to integrated cooling technology. All cooling components are optimally matched to one another. AHU parts of the latest generation can be arranged in a flexible way.

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