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Features and Benefits

Precise Zone Control

Model TSS/TSL terminals provide variable air volume (VAV) control beyond the typical single duct box. They are specifically designed for precise air delivery throughout the entire operating range, regardless of the installed inlet conditions. They also offer improved space comfort and flexibility for a wide variety of HVAC applications.

TSS/TSL terminals take advantage of typical benefits provided by single duct units, while performing at extremely low sound levels. This is critical in today’s buildings, where occupants are placing more emphasis on indoor acoustics.

The ability to provide comfort to the occupant is the measurement of quality for any VAV terminal. Comfort is achieved through quiet and precise control of airflow to the occupied space.

The TSS/TSL terminal provides the ultimate in airflow control with the patented FlowStarTM airflow sensor. No other sensor in the industry can match the FlowStar’s ability to quietly and precisely measure airflow. Accurate airflow measurement is the basis for airflow control.

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