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Smoke Solution


With our SP160 smoke cabin, you will experience a high-performance quality product that will secure your environment, protection against passive smoking, dangerous gases and odour from cigarettes. Our smoke cabin meticulously designed to ensure that smoke and odour stays within the cabin. The smoke cabins materials are selected and tested thoroughly to give the best performance, and with our unique design the smoke cabins truly excite all customers or employees.

By focusing on atmosphere and wellbeing, smoke cabins are building bridges between smokers and non-smokers allowing them to interact. Our smoking cabins makes it possible for smokers and non-smokers to stay in the same room and still interact without any disturbing from second hand smoke or odour.

With smoking cabins the benefits are plentiful. Producing clean air and eliminating passive smoking are only the main benefits. Other great benefits include time savings and cost reductions from shortened smoke breaks to better energy efficiency. Added to this are improved safety and fireproofing. Our smoking cabins are also allowed along certain emergency exits and escape routes.

The smoking cabins starts from 4-6 users and the units can be extended with additional modules. The smallest units can be placed alongside walls. Sizes starting from 1.2 m2.



  • Adjustability: Variableairflow speeds for stand-by and running modes. 
  • Power saving: Sensor activation by entrance into the cabin reduces power consumption. 
  • Modular construction: Easy to reduce or expand cabin size. Freestanding and movable. 
  • Variable door solutions: Manual, semi automatic and automatic door systems. 
  • Customisation: LCD screen, foot rest, stickers, bottom profile set, laminated glass, colours, filters etc. 

PLEASE NOTE: International orders may be subject to customs duty fees. If you're unsure on whether you'll be subject to customs fees, we'd recommend contacting your local customs office for more information before placing your order.

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