CAC 1000 (Electronic and Media Air Cleaners)


CAC is the abbreviation of commercial air cleaner and is specially designed for rooms and places which people work in and rest at.
It is designed into the embedded type, only stretching out of the ceiling by 8.9cm. Low-side design can provide an attractive device and pipe installation is unnecessary.
CAC can remove 95% smog, dust, pollen, fiber tow, bacteria and mould spore in the circulating indoor air. The “centrally-absorbing” air feeding and four-side air supply modes are adopted. The three-gear speed-regulating well can be fitted with the activated carbon filter.
Trion CAC is an ideal air cleaner used in the restaurant, bar, guest room, office, conference room, computer room, smoking area, medical institution, waiting room, etc.



  • Low-side design: provide an attractive device and pipe installation is unnecessary.
  • Coanada airflow pattern: it is designed to achieve the optimum airflow.
  • Hinged check hole: the overtaul can be carried out quickly and easily without any tool.
  • Self-circulation of indoor air: expenses will not be increased for operations of air heating or cooling equipment or other devices.
  • “Permanent filter TM”: expensive replacement expenses will be charged. It is clean, dry and re-installable (only applicable to CAC 1000).

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