Pressure Independent Control Valves PICV VPMF

Johnson Controls

VPMF Series

DN15...32, PN25

The VPMF series Pressure Independent Control Valve is the combination of a differential pressure regulator and a regulating valve for flow adjustment. It automatically limits the water flow rate, irrespective of pressure and allows the flow to be modulated to match the load. This leads to a considerable reduction in temperature variations and adjustment movements and the extended life of moving devices connected to it.

The VPMF valve offers complete adjustment flexibility. In combination with Johnson Controls actuators they can be set to a specific flow rate value and allow precise modulating control. Once the maximum flow setting is pre-set using the graduated scale, the flow will be modulated by means of the control valve and actuator independently of the system pressure. The valve always guarantees a suitable flow rate, therefore avoiding high energy consumption.

Since flow rate is the only parameter to be considered, choosing a suitable valve is fast and easy.

Since the VPMF valve performs the functions of two valves (balancing and adjustment), installation costs are considerably reduced.

Since it is not necessary to adjust the valve after its installation, the valve can work immediately after it has been assembled and it eliminates system adjustment cost.


  • Specific devices are not necessary
  • Wide range of operating differential pressure
  • Compact design that allows installation in small spaces such as fan-coils or narrow supply spaces
  • Simple flow rate adjustment
  • Dirty resistance allows long life characteristic
  • Pressure ports selectable
  • Flow Rate Accuracy: ± 5%


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